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Are you looking for a quiet, friendly small town to call home? Cedar Vale is just about the closest thing to a Norman Rockwell print that you can get. For example, people in Cedar Vale know their neighbors' names - both first and last. When we see each other we offer a friendly wave, and we still greet one another with a "Hello!" And it isn't too unusual for a neighbor to interrupt an evening stroll when they notice you sitting on your front porch. Be sure to keep the coffee pot on, or have a pitcher of refreshing lemonade or iced tea in the refrigerator for such occasions!

During the school year, the community gathers to cheer the school volleyball teams, football teams, and basketball teams on to victory. Christmas gives the school music department a chance to display their vocal and instrumental talent.

In the summertime, the city operates a clean, modern swimming pool. Children of all ages and abilities are encouraged to play summer baseball or softball. After sunset, teenagers often congregate at a lighted basketball court to shoot a few hoops.

The annual Labor Day celebration, the last-blast of summer fun, is kicked off with a parade down main street. Also included in the festivities is a 5-K fun-run, an egg toss, and a ranch rodeo.

Anyone who loves the outdoors will fall in love with the wide-open countryside. White-tail deer, quail, wild turkey, and other wildlife are abundant in the Chautauqua Hills. Some of the biggest fish in the state can be caught in this area.

Our secret is out! Come visit us and discover Cedar Vale. Friendly people, a wonderful school, beautiful tree-covered rolling hills, and adequate power and water make Cedar Vale the only place you'll want to call home.

We agree with Will Rogers' quote, "strangers are only friends we haven't met yet". Come visit us soon; we're waiting to hear from you!

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